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  PM6685 PM6306 TiR Ti45 T5-V CO-205 F971 F9040 F752 F726 F707 F50 F120 F115
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Fluke 27 Analog/Digital Multimeter
Fluke 27 Analog/Digital Multimeter
Extremely Rugged, Water Resistant, O-Ring Sealed for Harsh Environments

The Fluke 27 combines accurate digital and analog measurement capability with extreme ruggedness and durability. They have cases twice as thick as any other DMM we build. They are totally sealed, waterproof to 3 feet (one meter) of water for one hour, tough enough to withstand contaminants, chemicals, accidental drops and severe electrical overloads.

Designed to meet military specification of MIL-STD-28800 for Style A, Class 2 instruments, the Fluke 27 performs under the extremes of heat, cold, humidity, shock, electromagnetic interference, vibration and downright abuse.
  • 3200-count digital display for accuracy and resolution
  • 31-segment analog bar graph for fast peaking, nulling zero adjustments and capacitor checking
  • Fast autoranging and manual ranging
  • TouchHold® function captures and locks the measurement and automatically updates with the next measurement
  • Conductance for high resistance measurement
  • Min/Max and Relative modes
  • Conforms to IEC 1010-1 CAT III
  • MSHA Approved

MSHA Approval Approval 2G-3665-0 Permissible Multimeter

Safety Designed
Rugged safety features include extensive overload protection, high energy fuses, fused 10A range, and non-metallic cases and tilt bail. All voltage inputs recover or fail safe under power line surge tests for major feeders. This includes simulated lightning and load switching transient pulses up to 8 kV.


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