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 Yokogawa DCS
The core platform for Yokogawa VigilantPlant Solutions
CENTUM VP ushers in an operating environment that keeps everyone fully aware, well informed, and ready to face the next challenge.
CENTUM VP is the newest series of Yokogawa’s integrated production control system, so called DCS. We accumulated our over 35 years of knowledge and experience of developing and selling the DCS in the market into this new product.

CENTUM VP has more intuitive human machine interface, a large-capacity field control station to process data faster yet without failure. Pair & spare configuration of the CPU ensures non stop operations with 99.99999% (seven-9s) of high availability.

CENTUM VP is the core platform of Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant Solutions, designed to achieve the ideal plant operations. CENTUM VP brings you better information visibility, performance foresight, and operational agility.
FCS Field Control Station (FCS)

For over 35 years, Yokogawa has been developing and delivering stable, high quality CENTUM systems. All the CENTUM series field control stations (FCSs), both software and hardware, have been developed by Yokogawa. CENTUM VP can be flexibly designed ranging from small- to large-scale.

The CENTUM VP controller is capable of handling a massive amount of field data at comfortable speeds that fully satisfies the needs in the field digital era.

Both the controllers and I/O node units can be placed in remote, classified locations (IEC Zone 2/Class I Div. 2) which saves installation cost.

We know single bit of software and hardware to maintain a 99.99999% availability service record.

Reliable Controller

Reliable ControllerVP controller features outstanding processing performance and a large application storage capacity, yet inherits the same quality and stability that are the hallmark of the CENTUM series. Processor modules, power supplies, I/O modules, and communication buses all support redundant configuration.

The latest release of the controller has been optimized to take full advantage of advancements in field digital technology that will help plants operate with increased efficiency and stability.

A high speed remote I/O unit enables connecting controllers over remote site up to 50 kilometers via optical fiber cables.

CENTUM VP System Overview (General Overview)
CENTUM VP System Overview (HMI Overview)
CENTUM VP System Overview (FCS Overview)
Explosion Protection
Achieving 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Using CENTUM VP Authored by Stelex
VP Batch Batch Management Package
Security Standard of System Product
Microsoft Security Update Policy
Control Network
Vnet/IP, Yokogawa’s control network for the production control systems of the future, was introduced in 2004. Vnet/IP is a new control network protocol that incorporates general communication capabilities without compromising the reliability and stability of real-time communications.
  hardware for Vnet/IP
PCI card

PCI card for Vnet/IP interface

  • Connects PC-based V net stations to Vnet/IP
  • Applicable stations: Human Interface Station (HIS), Engineering PC (ENG), Generic Subsystem Gateway (GSGW), OPC Interface Package (Exaopc), Advanced Process Control Suite (APCS) and Plant Resource Manager (PRM)

Compact FCS for Vnet/IP

  • Full-scale compact FCS that can connect up to 15 I/O nodes
Vnet router

V net router

  • V net-Vnet/IP router
  • Equivalent to Bus Converter (BCV) in functions and performance
  • Counted as 1 station on V net or Vnet/IP
Download Vnet/IP Real-time Plant Network System
  System Migration
To generate the maximum return with the minimum investment and ensure that your business remains competitive in the 21st century, Yokogawa is providing solutions for migrating not only from legacy CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL and μXL DCS systems but also other vendors' systems to new production plant control systems that use the latest technology.
CENTUM CS 3000 R3 Logo CENTUM CS 3000 R3
Windows-based Scalable DCS
A scalable DCS suitable for both small- and large-scale industrial plants. It inherits the high reliability of legacy CENTUM systems and relies on the latest information technologies such as latest Windows OS.
Yokogawa released CENTUM CS 3000 R3 in 1998 as the first Windows-based production control system under our brand. For over 10 years of continuous developments and enhancements, CENTUM CS 3000 R3 is equipped with functions to make it a matured system. With over 7600 systems sold worldwide, it is a field-proven system with 99.99999% of availability.

CENTUM CS 3000 R3 features an open architecture, flexibility, and compatibility with existing systems. It can be seamlessly connected with the previous CENTUM systems, as well as it is easily upgraded into CENTUM VP system which was released in 2008.

Yokogawa guarantees the long-term support and supply of CENTUM CS 3000 R3 systems so that our customers will enjoy the optimized use of the asset.
Compact FCS Controller
Yokogawa controllers are designed for controlling and monitoring industrial plants which must keep running non-stop in stabilized status with high reliabilities.

Field Control Station (FCS)
A cabinet type and a rack-mount type of FCS are available from Yokogawa. Both Vnet/IP and V net control networks can be used for configuring the system networks. The dual-redundant design of the FCS processor modules, power supply, I/O modules, and I/O networks achieve high availability of 99.99999%. The pair & spare architecture is unique to Yokogawa that improves the stability of process control.

Process I/O Modules
FIOFieldnetwork I/O (FIO)
Yokogawa offers compact, cost-effective, and reliable I/O devices, targeted as the industrial standard.

Subsystem Integration
In order to operate and monitor the subsystems of the auxiliary devices controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC), various types of analyzers and other instruments for the integrated plant automation, FCS subsystem communication capability enables connection with the subsystems, and also supports dual-redundant configuration.

The subsystems include Mitsubishi MELSEC, Allen Bradley PLC-5 and SLC500, Modbus compatible devices, Siemens SIMATIC, Omron SYSMAC, Yokogawa FA-M3, Darwin, and DAQSTATION and so on.

CENTUM CS 3000 Integrated Production Control System - System Overview
CENTUM CS 1000/CS 3000 Yokogawa's Approach to meeting FDA21 CFR Part 11
Achieving 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Using CENTUM CS 3000 Authored by Stelex
CS Batch 3000 Batch Management Package
CENTUM CS 3000 Engineering Data Exchange Interface for SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI)
Explosion Protection
Alarm Management Handbook - The CAMS Concept
CENTUM CS is a best-seller model of Large scale production control system

With the actual implementations in many plants and absolutely high reliability, CENTUM CS has been the best seller of the large scale DCS since its first sale in 1993.
Since it was released in 1993, CENTUM CS is widely applied in the plants of oil refinery, petrochemical, chemistry, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, metal, cement, paper pulp, food and pharmaceutical industries, and power, gas and water supply as well as many other public utilities.

The excellent operability and engineering technique, and the high reliability proved by the abundant actual application results, guaranteed that the CENTUM CS will continue to play an important role in the 21st century. 
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